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Apolysos is a young band based in Cologne, producing unique and eclectic rock music. For their debut release I took on the task of designing the album and the social media promotion for said album. This concept album is loosely based on Dante’s Inferno and follows the story of a witch being brought down to hell and back.

The name “Apolysos” is based on the Greek gods Apollon, god of music and the arts, and Dionysos, the god of pleasure. This concept is present throughout the bands life and music, being caught between musically complex compositions and psychedelic experiences. That concept is translated into their band logo which is meticulously constructed and unites the “A” with the concept of infinity.

The Album is split into three EPs which make up the 3LP album presented in a triptych, harking back to the Christian material of the record. The graphics for the record were produced in an analogue photo lab. They combine molten plastic foils and marbled color with old construction drawing of church parts.

The social mediacampaign aims to reflect the process of creating the record both visually and acoustically.They obviously show the material used to create the album as well as backgroundvisuals that didn’t make it onto the record itself. In creating this campaign Ilearned a lot about structuring myself and most importantly others. Gettingmusicians to be on time with anything is a challenge but I’m happy that itworked out here.

Cologne 2021