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Bachelor Thesis

The Thesis is split into 4 books. The “Main Book” containing all Human Rights Violations documented by Amnesty in 2019 and the three 3 “Appendix-Books” investigating Human Rights Violations brought on or facilitated by the global electronics production chain.



An Extensive Summary of Violations Worldwide

The Main goal of this book is to overcome the “Moral Disengagement” the reader might harbor. The research of this project is based on the findings of Albert Bandura, who describes the phenomenon as follows:

“The self-regulatory mechanisms governing moral conduct do not come into play unless they are activated, and there are many psychosocial maneuvers by which moral self-sanctionsare selectively disengaged from inhumane conduct.”

The book is designed to inhibit these “psychological maneuvers” and force the reader to look at the problems of the world without prejudice. Violations are not sorted by country but rather by the kind of violation and all visualizations use a decentralized world map.

There are 1431 violations in total. The three most violated Articles are the Article 05, 03 and 19, with 175, 155 and 125 instances respectively.

To make the massive amount of data published in this book understandable I developed an identifier system based on the IBAN system combined with the respective violated article of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.



In contrast to the clinical, objective nature of the “Main-Book” stand the three “Appendix-Books”. The goal here is to make the reader understand their involvement with the violations presented, not only on a factual but also on an emotional level. This book combines journalistic texts and images with pseudo X-Ray photos of old laptops, phones and more. So cause and effect are perfectly linked, visually.

Making the previously invisible visible, is the essence of this project.Opening the box containing these books symbolizes this aspect. After removing the lid, showing an animation of an olive branch being squashed, the insides of the screen displaying said animation becomes visible and the reader gets an indepth look at the inner workings of the display.

Cologne 2021